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Candy Crush Saga 1.84

Candy Crush Saga 1.84 Free Download

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Sweet and delicious candy screen


The puzzle genre is in luck after the release of Candy Crush Saga. This title offers sweet gameplay alongside a high number of available levels and online functions that make the game more social than ever. Thanks to the integration with Facebook, Candy Crush lets you check the progress of your friends or even to ask for some tips and help in form of extra lives.

The title developed by King.com has achieved popularity around the world due to its social integration and the revival of a classic genre beloved for its easy gameplay. The title consists of matching 3 or more similar candies to make them disappear from the screen. It may seem easy in the first stages, but as long as you continue with further levels it turns into a real challenge, and it won’t take you too long to ask for more lives to continue playing.

This title offers a sweet gameplay alongside with a high number of available levels and online functions that make the game more social.

Before starting a new level, you need lives that grant you access to that stage. In case you run out of these you can wait 30 minutes for a new free opportunity to be generated, or you can ask via your Facebook account for some online help. The graphic aspect is really simple, which makes it compatible for download on medium-range smartphones and mobile devices with an Android or iOS system.

Levels as far as ayes can see
Levels as far as ayes can see

It seems limitless!

Although the number of levels that Candy Crush Saga has a limit, it really seems to have no end at all. Through over 500 different levels, the player will be asked to complete different challenges with a certain number of moves or time. The levels in which you have to destroy the jelly around candies are the most common. Others in which you will be requested to achieve a scoring record will test your skills and reflexes with little available time, so it is better to pay attention in order to maximize your matches.

There are different kinds of combinations for your candies, so depending on which you perform there will be a simple match or it will instead create a new candy. This new candy will have an additional effect such as erasing a whole line or column, depending on the combination of elements you make.

For making the game a little more accessible, there are some items known as boosters which - when available - grant certain effects during the game. You will find a great number of these boosters such as the lollipop hammer that will smash the candy you choose, the color bomb that erases the same candy type or the jelly fish that eats and clear the jelly on the screen. Discover new boosts and tips for completing new levels trying to reach the final stage.

Candy Crush Saga 1.84 Features

Check out the unique features that Candy Crush Saga offers to its users:

  • Complete over 500 different levels the title offers through numerous challenges and extra stages with unique objectives
  • Social interaction with your Facebook friends for requesting help or comparing scores to see who is better without any additional downloads
  • Enjoy the addictively sweet gameplay by matching 3 or more candies and see the colorful explosion
  • Pay attention to the tips and tricks Candy Crush Saga offers; they are very useful for your adventure
  • Different game styles on each level such as Moves & Score, collecting ingredients or eliminating the jelly increases the variety

For learning more about Candy Crush Saga before the download, feel free to check the developer’s website.

System Requirements

Check the necessary specifications to run this title on your device:

  • OS: Android 2.2 or iOS 4.3 or later
  • Free Space: 37MB available
  • Online connection for Facebook features

free download


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